Our Services

  • Fabricating new aluminium windows and Aluminium sliding windows.

  • Fabricating new aluminium doors, Aluminium bifold doors and Aluminium folding doors.

  • Installation of Aluminium windows and doors.

  • Louvre door, windows and partition for water tank shed, electricity room, louvered partition.

  • Powder coating aluminium frames, doors, pergola, canopy and windows.

  • Aluminium double glazing doors.

  • Garage door repair.

  • Aluminium window screen.

  • Aluminium frame for glass door.

  • Aluminium partitions and Aluminium Office partition.

  • Manufacture and Installation Pergola & Canopy.

  • Aluminium sliding door replacement and repair.

  • Aluminium window and doors designs for home.

  • Home Window Repair.

  • Anodized Aluminium window and doors.

  • Anodized Aluminium window and doors.

  • Upvc Aluminium windows fabricating new and Repairing existing.

  • Upvc door repairing and new installation made to order.

  • Aluminium kick plate door.

  • Aluminium front doors for homes.

  • Insect screen, fly screen, Mosquito mesh and Fly net for windows and doors.

  • Aluminium sliding door lock, Sliding door handles.



Aluminium doors are heavy duty and durable with very minimal cost of service. Aluminium door can be powder coated to any color to make your home, office or commercial place look upto the mark. Powder coated paint on aluminium door take very long time to fade even it is in direct sunlight. There are many types of Aluminium doors which are used in home, offices and other spaces as per requirements.

  • Folding Aluminium door

  • Bifold Aluminium door

  • Patio aluminium door

  • Sliding door

  • Swing door

  • Heavy duty aluminium door

  • Powder coated aluminium door

  • Anodized aluminium door

  • Custom Aluminium door

  • Custom design Aluminium doors



Reliable in the Middle East for fabrication of custom windows since 2017. We are providing our customers with services they always want which will meet their entire satisfaction. If you are looking for Aluminium windows or repairing of aluminium windows in Dubai then call us now. We are manufacturing window in our warehouse located in al Quoz. The range is starting from sliding windows, powder coated aluminium windows, bifold window, cash counter window, vents, exhaust hole and arch windows. Our bending machine in warehouse are always at work to deliver you fastest and highest quality product and services.



In winter everyone loves to open their doors and windows for fresh cold breeze in UAE. But open windows and doors also mean you are inviting mosquito and insect at your home or offices. To protect yourself you will find existing mosquito mesh in all windows and doors at your place. All these meshes are installed for protecting you from these insects and flies. New to home and you find existing flyscreen are damaged then it has to be replaced as soon as possible. The lifespan of these meshes is from 6 months to 1 year

If you do not find these mesh then that means you need mesh for an existing door or window. We will be dispatching team at your place to measure the door frame to supply and install mosquito mesh at your place. It will hardly take 2 business days to manufacture according to size.

  • Fly net, insets screen, mosquitoes screen

  • Window screen repair

  • Door Screen repair

  • Mosquito nets for windows

  • Mosquito screen

  • Kitchen fly screen repair

  • Making new fly screen frame



Sliding windows and doors are lovely as they save a lot of space when it comes to apartments and villas. People prefer sliding windows and doors as they are very easy to operate and doesn’t occupy much space in the place. Aluminium sliding doors come with very minimal repair cost and it can be repaired within no time. Our technician can replace the wheel, grease the track and adjust the door according to its condition. The repair time would take a couple of hours but it will be done very professionally without making a mess at your place.

  • How you can keep sliding door last for longer?

  • You can use Grease of WD40 formula to keep the track of the wheels smooth. Always cleans the tracks once a month. The most common issue in the door and windows is dust getting stuck or it is exposed to water

  • Sliding Door & Window lock Repair

  • If are offering our customer with highest quality service they find all over Dubai when it comes to sliding door lock replacement or adjusting the lock. After heavy usage the common problem can be resolved with replacing door lock hook or adjusting door hook.



Louvered door and partitions are used for covering water tank, electricity room or any room where it needed airflow. Aluminium door is heavy duty to operate under any climate. If you are looking for a solution to keep your generator, water tank, electricity room covered and protected then these partitions and doors are the best solutions for you. It will also be keeping your family safe, We have following option when it comes to louvers.

  • Louver door installation

  • Manufacturing Louvered door

  • Repairing louvered door

  • Louver door for electricity room

  • Louver partition and slabs

  • Powder coating louver according to your design and color needs.



No door or windows are there in the world where it doesn’t have handles. Handles are very important when it comes to windows and doors. There are many types and shape of handle available in Dubai. If you are looking to upgrade the handle of your door to more attractive and modernized then we have a collection of handles to choose from. It is important to door handles have to set up properly to give the right balance to the door. The handle size shouldn’t be too small or large on door and windows.

If you faulty handle then it is the time to change it as soonest. If the handle is too loose due to heavy usage then it is time to get it repaired. We are offering handle replacement and repair service in Dubai. Our team can replace and repair your door and window handle within few hours. Emergency door handle replacement service also available in Dubai.


Hinges are responsible to swing Aluminium door and windows as desired by the user. There are different types of hinges for different purposes. Heavy duty hinges are used in heavy doors functionality and light weight hinges are used for small windows or doors.

Lion aluminium and glass team is providing top notch services when it comes to hinges. If you have faulty or damaged hinges on your door and windows it will not function properly. The door or window get very hard to swing, touching down on floor, Making noise while functioning or door getting out of its frame.

Our list of services are as follow :
  • Door hinges repair Dubai

  • Repairing door hinges

  • Replacing door hinges

  • Broken door hinges

  • Powder coating hinges as per existing color

  • Emergency hinges repair

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